Our Board Members

Christa Schaefer, President

Contact: Christa Schaefer
Specialty: Development of roadside maintenance policies, sustainable and landscape design
Location: Madison

John Lunz, Secretary

Contact: John Lunz
Specialty: Habitat restoration, invasive weed control
Location: Glendale

Greg Bunker

Contact: Greg Bunker
Specialty: Environmental issues for tribes
Location: Bowler

Heidi Kennedy

Contact: Heidi Kennedy
Specialty: Regulations and administrative processes
Location: Delafield

Tony Summers

Contact: Tony Summers
Specialty: Terrestrial invasive plants and outreach
Location: Eugene, OR

Mark Feider, Vice President

Contact: Mark Feider
Specialty: Natural heritage, restoration, management and native plant landscaping
Location: Glendale

Mic Armstrong

Contact: Mic Armstrong
Specialty: Lanscape design / the nursery industry
Location: Sparta

Jeremy Chiamulera

Contact: Jeremy Chiamulera
Specialty: Forestry management
Location: Minocqua

Jamie Nuthals

Contact: Jamie Nuthals
Specialty: Utilities
Location: Green Bay

Patricia Trochlell

Contact: Patricia Trochlell
Specialty: Wetland ecology
Location: Blue Mounds

Willis Brown, Treasurer

Contact: Willis Brown
Specialty: Land management
Location: Madison

Thomas Boos II

Contact: Thomas Boos
Specialty: Terrestrial forest invasive plants
Location: Helena, MT

Angelique Dahlberg

Contact: Angelique Dahlberg
Specialty: Aquatic invasive species and native terrestrial plant communities
Location: St. Croix Falls

Diane Schauer

Contact: Diane Schauer
Specialty: Wetland and terrestrial invasive species
Location: Brillion

Our Program Assistant


Michele Jasik joined IPAW in February 2013. As the Program Assistant, Michele performs several tasks: she maintains the membership database; does the layout for, edits the articles for, and emails the quarterly newsletter, "Plants Out of Place;" she tries to keep up with social media (don't forget to Like us on Facebook); is a sometimes photographer; is a sometimes writer; takes the minutes of meetings; and (with the tremendous help of Scott) maintains the website. If you email IPAW, she is the one who will respond to you or will forward your email on to the appropriate person. Michele also finds time to volunteer at The Nature Conservancy and for the West Madison Senior Coalition, when she is not walking her dog or on her yoga mat. She is a graduate of Purdue University's Natural Resource and Environmental Science program. Her previous positions were working in labs at Purdue University and then at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She grew up working at a family owned greenhouse business and small farm. Michele has a life-long love of native plants, especially in woodlands.

And, Most Importantly, You!

You can help to prevent the spread of invasive plants! You can start right now by volunteering for activities or lend the much needed support through membership fees or giving a monetary donation.

Our Mission

"To promote better stewardship of the natural resources of Wisconsin by advancing the understanding of invasive plants and encouraging the control of their spread."

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